Hi, I’m Sophie 👋

I’m a technical SEO based in Sheffield – I work at StudioHawk as a Technical SEO Director where I dig into websites and find what obstacles are getting in the way of SEO success on Google.

I love sharing my knowledge, I’ve given talks on SEO at BrightonSEO and I’m also a digital mentor with Sheffield startup Legup.Social

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Technical SEO

Digging into website foundations to make sure it has the best chance for Google to find, understand and rank your website in the search results is what I’m passionate about.

I can take a deep dive and pull out key areas of improvement, and give practical and clear advice on how to action those recommendations


I mainly focus on e-commerce sites and work on a wide range of platforms – however my main passion is in Shopify SEO.

I run my own small business The Penguin Patrol on the platform and will happily talk shop(ify) with anyone who wants to listen


Making website data clearer and easier to understand is key for unlocking insights to can help improve your digital strategy and SEO efforts.

I can work my magic on Google Data Studio to unlock those hidden insights so you get a better picture of how your site is performing